With a length of 380 cm (12’6”), the Klepper Marlin offers a good straight line and enormous manoeuvrability. It is smaller and faster compared to other Klepper models yet offers the same stability, thanks to Klepper traditional design inspiration.

Weighing about 22 kg (48.5Ib) and packed into two specially designed waterproof carrying bags, the Klepper Marlin is fantastically easy for one person to carry alone. Whether transported by car, checked in for a flight, or carried as baggage on a train or bicycle trailer, this compact kayak is a must have for anyone with a mobile lifestyle.


“All true wisdom is only to be found far from the dwellings of man, in great solitudes.” — Knud Rasmussen, Danish-Inuit polar explorer


In June 2016, our two-man team completed the first-ever source-to-sea expedition along the Kwanza River in Angola.


Lars and Søren from Explorers Club of Denmark, have pursuit a string of expeditions, to some of the most remotes archipelagoes in the world.