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Change of Ownership at the Oldest Manufacturer of Folding Boats in the World

Klepper Lifestyle GmbH takes over the essential assets of Klepper Faltbootwerft AG

With effect from 1 August 2020, Hamburg-based Klepper Lifestyle GmbH has acquired the main assets of Klepper Faltbootwerft AG, along with the respective trademark rights bearing the name “Klepper”. With this acquisition, the tradition of producing folding boats to the highest quality standards, which goes back over 100 years, will be continued and guided into the future with innovative new products and ideas. All employees’ and brand rights, as well as the production site in Rosenheim, have also been acquired under the acquisition.

Klepper is the world market leader in folding kayaks, with an ever-expanding community of loyal followers who for generations have associated Klepper products with adventure. What touches our heart is as we see in many cases, a Klepper kayak resembling a piece of meaningful heirloom, which is passed down several generations within the family, showing the longevity of our kayaks. We hope to continue with this tradition in the future.

Because of the way leisure habits in our society are changing around the world, ever more focus is being placed on ecological awareness when travelling. The Klepper folding kayaks, made from environmentally-friendly materials, fulfils the requirements associated with this awareness.

The new Klepper will be offering an increasingly enhanced range of sustainable products for the growing number of adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. As a first step, new employees have been engaged in our national and international sales departments, as well as in production. We are in the process of requiring enhancement of quality from all our suppliers to increase our production and delivery speed despite current COVID-19 challenges. The ultimate goal is to offer our customers with Klepper products which go beyond being merely satisfactory.

About Klepper:

Founded in 1907 in Rosenheim by Johann Klepper, Klepper Faltbootwerft AG is the oldest manufacturer of folding boats in the world. Klepper Faltbootwerft AG is the global leader in the manufacture of one, two, three and four-seaters of folding kayaks. On 1 August 2020, the main assets of Klepper Faltbootwerft AG, whose shares are traded on the Berlin Stock Exchange, were acquired by Klepper Lifestyle GmbH, a company belonging to Compass Logistics International AG. The proprietor and CEO of the Hamburg-based company is Michael Müller. www.klepper.de

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