Aerius 545 Expedition
The Aerius 545 Expedition,  is an ideal touring kayak for day and weekend trips. Thanks to its two air tubes, it is very stable against tipping and immediately gives even novice paddlers a secure feeling. With its slightly longer shape, straight running is improved. The boat is suitable for sea, calm river and sea trips. For optimal maneuverability we recommend a steering system. The robust black lower hull made of TPU material is less sensitive to lower hull injuries. Longer stowage due to new hold concept and optimal center of gravity adjustment due to widely longitudinally adjustable seat and foot steering. Cover color: Blue/Black with red paspol Bottom Material: black TPU Boat frame: Wood "NATUR", clear varnished Wooden frame: Ash, Birch (Multiplex) 2 air sponsons (integrated) Seat comfort 2x standard sliding seat with backrest Safety line on D-Rings Carrying toggle: YES Preparation sails / steering system YES / YES Luggage tiller: YES Keel Strips: (standard equipment) 25 cm TPU keel strip Deck tip: TPU black Paddle bags: Yes Boat size L: 545 cm, W: 87 cm  Access hatch: (coaming) L: 255 cm, W: 41 cm Weight: 34 kg Maximum load: 380 kg 

Klepper Marlin - Classic
The Klepper Marlin is a compact and dependable single seat folding kayak. With a length of 380 cm, the Klepper Marlin offers a good straight line and enormous maneuverability. It is smaller and faster than other Klepper models, yet offers the same stability, thanks to Klepper’s traditional design. Weighing about 22 kg and packed into two specially designed waterproof carrying bags, the Klepper Marlin is fantastically easy for one person to carry alone. Whether transported by car, checked in for a flight, or carried as baggage on a train or bicycle trailer, this compact kayak is a must have for anyone with a mobile lifestyle.