Rudder set "Comfort" Aeius 520, Aerius 545, Aerius 585 on clamp


Available, delivery time: 2-5 days

Product number: 0520010
Product information "Rudder set "Comfort" Aeius 520, Aerius 545, Aerius 585 on clamp"

Complete control system with long deck-on-top control blade with fixed mounted control head, control pin, lifting line as well as control cables and foot control on claw. The steering pedal on claw is fixed to the bottom of the keel with two plank claws on the right and left side. This system is optimal for river cruising. Suitable for the models Aerius 520, 545, 585.

Delivery: 1 x Long steering blade, 1 x steering pin, 1 x lifting line, 1 x steering ropes, steering pedal on claw.