Sail S-2 - white


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Product number: 0699010
Product information "Sail S-2 - white"

The Sail S-2 can be used up to a wind force scale 3-4. However, the wave height is to consider in any case. For beginners, we recommend to start with a smaller sail and at lower wind force to get feeling for the operation mode.

  • Mainsail and Headsail
  • shrouds
  • Mast in three parts
  • Gaff and boom made of seawater resistant anodized aluminum tubes
  • Leeboard crossbar with two leeboards
  • Main sheet and sheet
  • Haylard
  • Masthead fly
  • Viewing window
Sail surface: around 5 m²
Weight:around 12 kg
Pack size: around 110cm
Packing bag
recommended for:
Aerius 520 und 545 Model

No sailing license is required

Fit together with

Sail seat for S1 and S2
Sail seat for S1 and S2
The sail seat is mounted on the coaming. On the underside there are two fittings, through each of which a strap passes, with which the sail seat is attached to a frame. The sail seat is placed on the coaming with the straight edge facing the boomerang. Pass the lashing straps around frame 6 (for the 2-seaters) and around frame 4 (for the 1-seaters) between the bottom part and the chine rods and tighten them.  Material: birch plywood, dip painted Delivery: 1x sail seat for S1 and S2 incl. fastening straps

The riding beam also known as traveller is an accessory for sailing. It makes single-handed sailing much easier, because it centrally holds the two cleats for the jib sheet, a main sheet block and a main sheet cleat, as well as two cleats for the main and jib halyard lines. Mount the riding beam ( if the forward backrest is present) approx. 5-10 cm in front of frame 4 on the coaming ( in front of frame 3 for 1-seaters). Make sure that the central mainsheet deflection block is still forward and the central mainsheet clamp is aft.Delivery: 1x traveller for full sails incl. 2 hook bolts with twist locks 

Packing bag - S1 - S2 - Freewind
Packing bag - S1 - S2 - Freewind
Packtasche mit Klepperlogo aus Baumwolle mit Kordelzug und Tragegurt mit Steckschließe. Darin findet das komplette Segelequipment Platz. Passend für S1, S2 und Freewind. Farbe auf dem Bild weicht ab.Farbe: SchwarzLieferumfang: 1x Packtasche für Segel - S2 / S1 / Freewind

Mainsail S2 - for all multiseaters
Mainsail S2 - for all multiseaters
Das Großsegel für die S2-Besegelung mit Sichtfenster. Als Ersatzteil für Ihre S2-Besegelung (für alle Aerius Mehrsitzer) aus hochwertigem, superleichtem Spinnakertuch. Das passende Vorsegel, sowie weiteres Segelzubehör sind im Shop erhältlich. Lieferumfang: 1x Großsegel - S2 - weiß

Furling jib, for rolling the headsail.
Furling jib, for rolling the headsail.
Would you like to quickly furl or unfurl the headsail of your S1 or S2 in the easiest way? Then the furling jib is the right solution. Consisting of two parts, the roller with the snap hook is attached to the bow fitting as well as the lower line from the sail (leech) to the safety splint of the roller (the snap hook previously located there on the leech then comes to the center of the foresail for line guidance). With the sail open, the swivel is then attached to the top of the sail between the sail and the main halyard. Then run the line from the swivel to you via carabiners: the furling jib is finished. If you need spare parts for your furling jib, then look in the store under (0699291 - swivel)) and (0699261 - carabiner). Delivery: 1x furling jib incl. line, 1x swivel, 1x carabiner.