Traveller with double occupancy for electric motor


Available, delivery time: 1-2 weeks

Product number: 0699055
Product information "Traveller with double occupancy for electric motor"

The riding beam also known as traveller is an accessory for sailing. It makes single-handed sailing much easier, because it centrally holds the two cleats for the jib sheet, a main sheet block and a main sheet cleat, as well as two cleats for the main and jib halyard lines. Mount the riding beam ( if the forward backrest is present) approx. 5-10 cm in front of frame 4 on the coaming ( in front of frame 3 for 1-seaters). Make sure that the central mainsheet deflection block is still forward and the central mainsheet clamp is aft.

Delivery: 1x traveller for full sails - double assignment incl. 2 hook bolts with twist lock.