Variant 1 -E-Boat motor "3-HE" High Efficiency with battery (lead gel) and control system


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Product number: 1113102
Product information "Variant 1 -E-Boat motor "3-HE" High Efficiency with battery (lead gel) and control system"

With the Klepper 3-HE engine, "High efficient electric engine", this is now possible. Due to the design of the motor and propeller optimized for kayaks, the energy of the batteries is used to the maximum. Therefore, a smaller battery is sufficient or you have longer driving times. With the use of a solar generator you can even drive only with solar power.

Due to the worldwide unique hybrid rudder it is possible to switch between motor and paddle operation without getting out of the boat. The motor and rudder can be raised and lowered comfortably from the driver's seat via lines. The boat is steered by the Klepper foot control. And in case of grounding, the rudder and motor fold away to the rear.

When the kayak is under sails, the 3-HE is an ideal doldrums pusher and is easy to transport. A 2.3 m cable makes it easy to operate with the control unit. 5 forward gears, digital display of battery status. Motor diameter only 60 mm, voltage 12 - 14 V; carbon propeller optimized for kayaks, 170 g light. Rudder horn, carabiner, lines and 230 V automatic charger included in all complete sets. Easy attachment to Klepper single and multi-seaters (please specify type).

Examples of ranges 3-HE The maximum range, with a given battery, depends primarily on the speed, but also on the type of boat, current, wind and waves.

Practical values with: 18 AH lead gel battery unit

  • Level 1: approx. 2-3 km/h, 9 h driving time and approx. 23 km range
  • Level 3: approx. 5 km/h, approx. 3 h driving time and 15 km range
  • Level 4: 6 - 7 km/h, 1.5 h driving time and 10 km range
  • Level 5: 7 - 8 km/h, approx. 1 h driving time and 7 km range
  • Boat motor with hybrid rudder: dimensions 85 x 265 x 745 mm
  • Weight: 3,9 kg, 12 -14 V
  • Dimensions 140 x 63 x 40 mm.
  • Dimensions battery box with integrated motor control 290 x 160 x 100 mm.

Variant 1
3-HE boat motor with hybrid rudder and accessories: 18 AH 12 V lead gel battery with integrated motor control, white housing, mounting behind the driver's seat
Weight: 6,3 kg