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Aerius Classic II+ 545

The Aerius 545 is a very fast, safe and stable boat, which will not get upset even in rough seas. With its spacious and open cockpit, it offers paddlers of all sizes and weight classes plenty of space and freedom of movement.

It is excellent to paddle alone (single rider position).

Alternatively, the space can also be used for a toddler or a small dog and is therefore suitable for up to three occupants.

But then the person in front should operate the steering system.

Sailing possible.

Weight 30 kg, length 545 cm, width 87 cm, payload max. 380 kg or 600 litres volume.

Now available with shortened packing size, scaffolding bag only 110 cm long!

Equipment: scaffolding wood, grey CSM underbody.

Hood colour: blue or red.

No loading hatch possible.

Length x width                                                                                545 x 87 cm


                                                                                                          ca. 34 kg

Payload                                                                                           380 kg - 600 l

Pack size                                                                                          133/35/25

                                                                                                          75/70/25 cm

                                                                                                          80/40/22 cm

                                                                                                          (3 bags)

Dimensions access hatch

(Length x width                                                                                230 cm x 48 cm

Assembly approx.                                                                            10 - 15 minutes

Standard equipment                                                                      scaffolding nature

                                                                                                          grey with 2 air hoses

                                                                                                          Seats and backrest

                                                                                                          Bow and stern fittings


                                                                                                          2 carrying toggles

                                                                                                          Single driver seat device

Accessories                                                                                     Spraydeck


                                                                                                          Floor protection mat

                                                                                                          Foot pedal

                                                                                                          3 panniers made of breathable cotton

                                                                                                          Comfort seats

                                                                                                          Seat 3, 6 or 9 cm

Guarantee                                                                                         5 years

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