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Aerius Quattro I SL 490

Why a Quattro?
The Quattro represents the highest level of development of the Aerius series. Construction and equipment are designed for extreme paddling. The Aerius Quattro meets the highest standards of performance and safety, making it the right kayak for exploring white spots on your personal atlas. Standard equipment: The basic equipment is the same as the Aerius Expedition.
However, the Aerius Quattro has a unique design feature of two additional air hoses that give the boat even more cargo capacity and buoyancy. As a result, it achieves the highest level of safety. The hull shape of the Aerius Quattro can be infinitely varied from a V to a U shape by variably inflating the four air hoses. This reduces the draught.

The Aerius 490 Quattro is the ultimate single seater. Enormous space and legroom for paddlers of all sizes and weight classes. Convinces by its high payload and straight run-out. Suitable for all waters, even for the open sea. Very good for sailing, we recommend the S1.

Weight 29 kg, with carbon frame 23 kg. Length 490 cm, width 72 cm, payload 360 kg or 390 litres volume.

Equipment: frame in wood (29 kg) or carbon (23 kg), black TPU underbody.

Canopy colours: blue, red, olive, black or two-tone with black stripes.

Keel strips, rear loading hatch and 4 air hoses as standard,

Optional front loading hatch.

Lenght x width                                                                               490 x 72 cm


Wooden frame with TPU skin approx.                                         29 kg

Carbon framework with TPU skin approx.                                  23 kg

Payload                                                                                          360 kg – 390 l                                                                       

Pack size                                                                                          133/35/25

                                                                                                          75/70/25 cm

                                                                                                          80/40/22 cm

                                                                                                          (3 bags)

Dimensions access hatch

(Length x width)                                                                            135 cm x 41 cm

Assembly                                                                                         15 minutes

Standard equipment                                                                      scaffolding nature

                                                                                                          Underbody black with 4 air hoses

                                                                                                          length-adjustable seat, backrest


                                                                                                          Baggage Spider

                                                                                                          2 carrying toggles

                                                                                                          Bow and stern fittings


                                                                                                          With keel strip 1 x 25 cm

                                                                                                          Rear loading hatch

Accessories                                                                                     Spraydeck

                                                                                                          Carbon frame

                                                                                                          Foot pedal


                                                                                                          3 panniers made of breathable cotton

                                                                                                          Seat 3, 6 or 9 cm

                                                                                                          Floor protection mat

                                                                                                          Front loading hatch


Guarantee                                                                                         5 years

Technical changes, colour deviations and possible printing errors are subject to reservation.

Klepper Tramp Farbe rot


Klepper Tramp Farbe rot schwarz

red with black stripes

Klepper Tramp Farbe blau


Klepper Tramp Farbe blau schwarz

blue with black stripes

Klepper Tramp Farbe oliv


Klepper Tramp Farbe oliv schwarz

olive with black stripes

Klepper Tramp Farbe schwarz