Kayaking in Greenland, Denmark

From dusk till dawn. We are on our way back to Kulusuk, a small settlement on the East coast of Greenland, with only 241 inhabitants. East Greenland is famous for its pristine and unforgiving landscape, with colossal, jagged mountains stretching as far as the eyes can see. This makes kayaking a wonderful way to discover Greenland during summertime.

This was my first time paddling among icebergs and I have to say it was breathtaking, beautiful but also challenging. The coldness of the water, the fastmoving icebergs and the presence of polar bears definitely added flavor to this experience. (However, I felt safe thanks to the stability of my xxx Klepper kayak.)

I loved the quietness out here. The only noise heard from our kayaks was the sound of the ice floes, with occasional glimpses of a seal’s head as it suddenly broke the surface.

When reaching Kulusuk again, we bumped into a polar bear. It had just recently passed our hotel. It was the last thing he did in his life though.

Text & content: Jens Assur