The company at a glance


- For more than 100 years the original KLEPPER folding-kayaks have been manufactured in Rosenheim. The shipyard - which is nowadays a corporation (AG) - is sole owner of the trade name as well as of the original patents.


- KLEPPER folding-kayaks ensure quality and reliability.


- the brand name is known all over the world and has a market share of more than 68%.
- The revenue distribution is very solid: 55% Germany, 15% special forces and security, 20% Export - USA/Canada, Europe, Eastern Europe, Far East, Australia.
- KLEPPER benefits of the outdoor-boom and of the increased awareness for nature and ecology (timber, cotton wool and natural rubber are being used in the production of the kayaks).


- Due to the world-famous name KLEPPER has great options in licensing.
- The products are constantly being enhanced.


- worldwide there is a growing demand for exquisite and exclusive products



The central intention is to offer innovative, distinctive products which enhance emotion. KLEPPER folding-kayaks are reliable and provide highest quality. The trade name itself is known all over the world and the company always strives to come up to buyer's desires. This is guaranteed by fast decisions as to product improvements and investments.

Of course, this can only be achieved by staff members who are dedicated and have a passion for their work and the product.



A main interest is being focused on the substantial economic growth. By investing cleverly, reducing costs permanently, improving and modernizing products, designs as well as production constantly, a superior financial power is being established. This ensures growth and importance in the market – now and in future!