Folding Kayaks


Welcome to the finest handcrafted Folding Kayaks of the world

As we have very many kinds of models and at least as many possibilities to use them, we want to provide you a small picture collection shown above. We think this is the best way to imagine yourself in one of our boats in the one or other purpose. If you drag over the mouse, you will get the specific boat type announced. So enjoy it and have fun!

It has been brought to our attention that both in the USA and Japan Folding Kayaks are being offered with the Klepper name. These boats are not produced by Klepper Faltbootwerft AG in Rosenheim (Germany) and are obviously counterfeit.
This offer also mentiones "Recycled Klepper". We like to categorically state that Klepper Faltbootwerft does not offer recycled products to anybody. All products made by Klepper Faltbootwerft AG in Rosenheim (Germany) are furnished with an identification number and thus are covered under our worldwide guaranty.
The name Klepper is protected worldwide and we shall pursue our right both by criminal prosecution and civil litigation.


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