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Folding Boat Sailing

Ideal for all Klepper sailing fans: the Klepper sailing centres.
This school offers a sailing course using Klepper folding boats and the full sails, which aims to teach the specific sailing characteristics of the Klepper folding boats in both theory and practice.

No previous knowledge is required for this introductory/trail.

The sailing schools have different course dates, so please contact the sailing schools directly. They will be able to inform you when the respective courses are being offered and what type of folding boats or sails they can provide.
A sailing licence is only required for sails of 6 m² or more. For Klepper folding boat sailors this means: no sailing licence required!

Klepper Testcenter Hamburg

Herr Smidt
Tel. 040/ 611 695 34 1

mcp – salesmanagement Binder
Contact person: Sidrid Binder
Stetten 3
83139 Söchtenau
Tel.: 0171 – 6944622
e-mail: info@faltboote-und-mehr.net