Due to the exquisite quality of our products, most KLEPPER folding kayaks last extremely long. At least 20 to 30 years, even 40 years are not uncommon and some last even longer than 50 years.

Usually, a folding kayak is INDOORS most of the year, so you should treat it well from the beginning in order enjoy it for many many years.

1. Storage

For short-term and particularly for long term storage, please always make sure that your KLEPPER is clean and dry in its packing bags and that there is no sand left in it.. Select a dry storage room.

Should you not be able to get your KLEPPER home dry it is absolutely vital that you get it dry before storage! Never store a damp or dirty boat. - You might put it over two chairs in order to let the hull dry. Mind condensation when putting it into the bags again.

It should never be stored directly on a cement floor - use a carton, an old carpet or something similar where it can "breathe". - Avoid extremely cold or hot places as well as UVrays. And if you have enough space, you may just as well take out of the bags to store.

2. Handling and care

Inspect and prepare your boat after the season or a longer vacation or excursion. Always remove sand, grit, twigs, gras or leaves using a sponge or a soft towel or brush.


To clean the hull as well as the wood only use fresh water and a gentle soap. Avoid oils, grease, fats, chemicals. Never use detergents!

Only use original KLEPPER products, like the clear boatpolish liquid for rubber parts. Apply a thin layer with a soft cloth to seal the pores. Apply this at least once a year. You can also use our special boat powder to keep the rubber parts soft and supple, making sure to remove excessive powder.

Care of sails: modern, synthetic sailcloth does not rot, but catches water residue, which simply doesn't look good. Hang up sails to dry, use a wet sponge if necessary.

Care of Wood: Sun, saltwater, seawater and rubbing will naturally affect the varnish of the wood. To repair these parts only use pure Original Marine Varnish. Make sure all parts are dry and avoid the sun. Clean the damaged area or remove wax or oil with a fine sandpaper or steelwool. Apply a thin layer of varnish with a brush, avoiding drops. Then hang up to dry. Repeat this procedure. After many years of extensive use we recommend to this procedure for the entire wooden parts.


Thanks to the practical bags and back packs your KLEPPER is easy to transport, by car, train or plane.

You may also put the entire boat onto your luggage rack - cockpit to the sky. Make sure you place something soft underneath. Tighten two strong belts, keeping the bow lower than the stern to avoid the airstream.

Replacement of metal fittings

A KLEPPER is a masterpiece of simplicity and also extremely customer-friendly. All wooden parts are precision-made, and can be replaced. Most metal parts are attached to the wood by rivets and can easily be replaces as well.


Extensive use may cause scars and abrasions in the hull bottom. These can usually be repaired with patches to be found in the repair kit. To protect your hull bottom we recommend to apply keelstrips (which are standard for the expedition models) using our special rubber cement. Please ask your KLEPPER supplier.


We also recommend to use our special deck impregnation which enhances the color of your KLEPPER and re-seals the deck. Clean deck thoroughly, let it dry and then apply with a soft brush. Please ask your KLEPPER supplier for detailed instruction.
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