Klepper Testcenter

The Klepper Test Center offer full service and a wide range of original boot Klepper Testfaltbooten. If the dealer when you close a suitable test boats have available, simply register at one of the below Klepper paddle test center for you, if the weather permits, are available. Simply call to arrange time and lospaddeln. Almost all models are available, please clarify before you starting with the Center, what do you want to test.



Owners of all brands of kayaks, new and old, will be warmly welcome to attend events below.

All events are purely private.
Each participant is responsible for himself, his folding boat and is responsible for his equipment. Service may, depending on the event, be eligible for consideration.




For all Klepper Sailing Fans: Sailing the Klepper Center.
Here, with Klepper folding canoes and offered to Vollbesegelungen a sailing course that is used to learn the specific characteristics of the Klepper kayak sailing in theory and practice.

In this Einführungs-/Schnupperkurs no previous experience is necessary.

The sailing schools have different course dates, please refer directly to the sailing school will be offered when the respective courses, and whether and in what form kayak or sail can be made.