Full Sail S-1

All Classic singles, AE I and Tramp can be sailed with the S-1. Up to force 3-4. The sail area is 2.5 square meters and consists of high quality super light spinnaker .

Jib with window, sail with window, 3-piece aluminum mast, tree out of salt water proof and anodized aluminum tubes, sword beams with two side swords out of ash and 8-ply birch plywood, sea-water-resistant, pre-and main sheet, shrouds, halyards, packing bag

weight: approx. 9 kg, packing length: approx. 110 cm

Beginners should start only at lower wind speeds and with small sails, to get a feeling.
  • Segel1 S1 weiss
  • 1Segel S2_blau weiss1

0689 010 white

0689 020 blue/white


  • 1Segel S2 rot weiss
  • 1SegelS2Rot schw

0689 030 red/white

0689 040 red/black

Accessories for sports and professional kayak sailing

0699 300 Hand tiller
0699 040 Sail seat
0699 050 Traveller
0605 011 Set (Hand tiller, sail seat, traveller)

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