I hoisted a single sail and peeled off down wind like a rocket.
I feathered the sail back, trying to head up into the wind.
There was something perversely exhilarating about this situation,
which challenged me to the limit of my sailing skill.
Howard Rice, Solo Cape Horn Expedition


Sailing Equipment for your Klepper-Foldingkayak.

Just sail it!
For prices and additional information about Klepper Freewind, S-1 and S-2 Sailings ask your dealer or see pricelist.
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Upwind Sailing - Downwind Sailing

What is the difference?
Consider a frog and a bird, both jumping off a fence. The frog will land on the ground, the bird will fly in the sky.
Why? The frog has only a "downwind sail", its belly. The bird has an "upwind sail", its wings.

With a downwind sail rig, you are limited on where you can go - see shaded area below. With an upwind sail rig,
you can go anywhere you want - see Upwind Area and Downwind area.

"Sail if you can, paddle if you must" is an old paddler-phrase.

With the Klepper-Drift sails or with the downwind full sail for your Klepper-folding kayak, you save a lot of work
and energy.
Easy to assemble and manage even for beginners, you will have an astonishingly effective result. Now, with the new reshaped and modernized sails with big windows and super-light fabric you will be even faster.

Colors available

The following sail kits are available

Drift Sails
Sail size Order Nr.
Freewind abt. 1,7sqm 0679 0..

Downwind full sails
Sail size Order Nr.
Sail kit S 1 - for Aerius I and Aerius II abt. 2,5 sqm 0689 0..
Sail kit S 2 - for Aerius II abt. 5 sqm 0699 010
Sail kits S1 and S2 include crossboard and leeboards, jibsail and mainsail.
Hand tiller
wind indicator
0699 300
0699 040
0699 310
0699 050

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