Aerius Classic I SL 490


Weight 26 kg, length 490 cm, width 72 cm, payload 300 kg or valume 400 liters.

Components: Blond wood frame, grey CSM hull. Deck colours: blue or red. No loading hatch or keelstripes available.

The Aerius 490 Classic is the perfect single kayak. The cockpit is longer than in the Aerius Scout 380 or Aerius I 450 and offers much space for paddlers of all sizes, great payload capacity and excellent directional stability. Sails optional.


    Classic I SL 490
Tours Kayak
Length x width   16.1 ft x 28 ins
490 x 72 cm

weight   approx. 66 lbs
approx. 26 kg

payload weight   661 lbs, 111 gal
300 kg, 400 l

packing dimensions   52/14/10 ins,
30/26/10 ins
133/35/25 cm
75/70/25 cm

Frame   Hand crafted triple dipped Ash and Birch frame, salt water resistant, with anodized aluminium fittings, reaching ages of over 40 years

Skin   100% Cotton and triple coated Hypalon, durable and for rugged conditions (like arctic cold or tropical heat), lasting more than 20 years (regular cleaning und careful handling provided)

Assembly   approx. 12 minutes

Equipment   hull grey
  wooden frame blond
  with 2
  adjustable seat,

Accessoires   spraycover
  ground protection mat
  adjustable seats or
comfort seats
  carrying bags

Guarantee   5 years

Colours   see colour table




  blau100   rot100    
  blue   red    






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