Aerius 380 Tramp / Scout

Weight 21 kg, length 380 cm, width 72 cm, payload 150 kg or volume of 300 liters.
Components: Blond wood frame, black TPU hull. Keelstrips standard. Deck colours: Blue, red, olive, black or bicolor with black stripes. Front and rear loading hatch available.
The Aerius 380 Tramp/Scout is the ‘junior’ of the KLEPPER fleet. The perfect kayak for rivers and weekend trips. Only 3,80 m long, it is agile and easy to handle on any type of water. Sails optional.




  Aerius Scout 380
Just for fun
Length x width   12.5 ft x 26 ins,
380 x 72 cm

Weight   approx. 51 lbs,
ca. 20 kg

Payload weight, volume   255 lbs, 69 gal,
150 kg, 300 l

Packing dimensions   52 x 14 ins,
133/35/25 cm,
75/50/25 cm,
one bag

Dimensions of main hatch
(length x width)
  55 x 20.6 ins
108 x 37 cm

Assembly   approx. 15 minutes

Equipment   hull black

  wooden frame blond

  adjustable seat


  D-ring for rudder lifting

  keelstrips  1 x 10 in (25 cm)

  paddle holders

  2 air-sponsons


  luggage fittings

Accessories   spraycover


  ground protection


  adjustable seats

  sail gear

  packing bags

Warranty   5 Years

Colours   see colour table



A sailing equipment for your single Seater you found under sail.
Accessories for your original Klepper folding kayak can be found here.


Technical changes and variations in color and event. Misprints subject to change.





  blauschwarz100   oliv100   olivschwarz100  


blue with

black strips




olive with

black stripes









  rot100   rotschwarz100    schwarz100      


red with

black stripes







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