Travel with the free power of the sun. Enjoy the new freedom to paddle or drive nearly noiselessly. It also provides power for your mobile, GPS und lighting on board.


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Function of solardrive

With a solar power generator, which consists of one or more solar modules, an accumulator is loaded, or ideally an efficient hightec boat engine is powered directly. A solar controller prevents the accumulator from overloading.



Klepper Foalding boat solar generators


This innovative construction - in cooperation with Ramsperger Solar - implies many years of experience as well as many solar-powered miles on sea. To collect maximum energy by minimized weight and space, you can easily rotate the tracking solargenerator following the sun. You gain about 10-15% of energy compared to stationary modules; particularly in the morning and evening. The solar generator doesn’t protrude the boat. This makes handling of the kayak at a landing stage easier and also reduces the influence of the wind.



High efficient “Bootsmotor KLEPPER 3-HE” with Hybrid-rudder


3-HE” means “High efficient electric engine”, developed by “MEB Motoren” in Germany. Because of the optimized construction of motor und propeller for kayaks you only 30% of the incoming energy - when paddling at a speed of approx. 4km/h - compared to other engines. So a small and lightweight accumulator drives your boat for quite a long time. Ideally you use the hightec engine with Klepper solar generators. All components are water-tight.

B11 Boot 3HE


The worldwide unique hybrid rudder even enables you to change between efficient motor driving and paddling on the water without leaving the kayak. Should you touch the sea bed rudder and motor switch off automatically.

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