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Description of motor 3-HE


for 12V accumulators, control unit with 2,3 m cable, 5 forward gears, digital display of accumulator current and charge. The diameter of the motor is only 60 mm, propeller made of carbon, weight with hybrid rudder 4 kg, dimension: 85 x 265 x 780 mm. The compact 3-HE is easy to transport. Easy to be mounted to Klepper boats (please specify type). Rudder horn, linen and carabiners, to raise motor and rudder from driver’s seat, included in delivery.

B20 Motor 3-HE

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Motor 3-HE:designed for connection of an extern accumulator,

dimension of control unit: 280 x 160 x 45, weight 1,4 kg


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3-HE Variante 1:with embedded 12V, 12Ah leadgel accumulator, ideally solar-powered,

220V charger included in delivery, dimension of control unit with accumulator: 280 x 160 x 110, weight 5,4 kg

B23 Steuergeraet Var1


Component parts for Motor 3-HE


Accumulator leadgel, 12V, 18Ah with 220V charger, dimensions: 280 x 160 x 100, weight 6,4 kg


Accumulator LIIO, 14,2V, 20 or 40 Ah, dimension: 280 x 160 x 100, weight 2,8 / 4,8 kg

B24 Akkubox Var1


Spare propeller out of carbon, weight: 160 grams



Tracking KLEPPER Solar generator


Consisting of a central axis, solar boomerang to fit the solar generator at the stearn of Klepper folding boats, 2 solar modules, solar controller und traveller with corresponding solarsheet rope, carabiner und clamps.


Technical Data


Solar moduls with 12V, 30W each, lightweight, but robust aluminum base frame, easily put together for transportation, color: silver. Dimension of the solar modules: 715 x 336 x 53 mm.


Traveller solar with 3 camcleats for two 3-HE lines und solar sheet rope. The angle of the solar generator to follow the sun can be changed easily with one hand from the driver’s seat,

weight: 1 kg.

B25 Leinenfuehrung


Weight of tracking solar generator: 5 kg




KLEPPER Solargenerator FlexStern


Consisting of one 30W solar module to be mounted on the stern of Klepper folding boats, solar controller for 2 solar modules and cables to connect with leadgel accumulators of the 3-HE. Carabiner included in delivery. Dimension: 710 x 345 x 40 mm, weight: 2 kg, ideal in combination with the Klepper sails.

B26 SG FlexStern

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Component parts


KLEPPER Solar generator FlexBow

30W solar module, identical in construction to be mounted on the bow of Klepper folding boats, dimension: 710 x 345 x 50 mm, weight: 2,2 kg

B28 SG FlexBow


Journey data of the “Klepper Hightec Motor 3-HE“

For example with 60 Watt tracking solar generator and 12Ah accumulator


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regulating step speed 5h sunshine 8h sunshine
range/ journey time/day range/ journey time/day

1 max. range 4 km/h 40 km / 10:00 h 52 km /13:00 h
3 6 km/h 20 km / 3:20 h 26 km / 4:20 h
5 max. speed 8 km/h 11 km / 1:20 h 15 km / 1:45 h

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