Spare Parts


All fittings shown here are available at your next Dealer .
He provides you also all other types of spare parts just like boat parts or repair kits.
A showtable about all frameparts is available here ,
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Annotation: As it is very difficult to translate these following special expressions we sticked to the german expressions. So it is very important tp mention the right number so that you will get the right spare part. We hope that the drawings will help you.



  Art.Nr. Description
0899010Klappenraste flach 0899010 Tongue for seat and ribs
0899020Klappenraste hoch 0899020 High rise tongue used for first and last rib
0899030Sitzlasche 0899030 Tongue for bottom of the seats
0899040Suellrandbeschlag 0899040 Coamingfitting
0899060Schnappverschluss 0899060 snap lock assembly
0899070Bordwandbuegel 0899070 gunwale yoke
0899090Bordwandlasche 0899090 Flat tongue for gunwales
0899101Bordwandstevenlasche rot 0899101 Fitting on gunwales
0899102Bordwandstevenlasche blau 0899102 Fitting on gunwales
0899110Spantenhorn AE I 0899110 latching toggle for Rib # Aerius II
0899120Spantenhorn AE II 0899120 latching toggle for Rib # Aerius I
0899132Suellrandkopf 0899132 Cap of washboard with T-fitting
0899140Stevenpilzstift 0899140 stem mushroom stud
0899160Suellrandscharnier 0899160 Coaminghinge
0899170Deckstabbeschlag vorne 0899170 fitting on front deckbar
0899190Deckstabbeschlag hinten 0899190 fitting on rear deckbar
0899210Bugbeschlag 0899210 bow fitting
0899220Kielbodenbügel 0899220 keelboard yoke
0899230Suellrandbeschlag rechts 0899230 fitting on washboard aft cross piece right
0899240Suellrandbeschlag links 0899240 fitting on washboard rear cross piece left
0899250T Stueck 0899250 T-fitting
0899281Heckbeschlag 0899281 rudder support bracket - Aerius I + Aerius II
0899290Bordwandscharnier 0899290 gunwalehinge
0899310Spantenverbinder 0899310 Metal bracket on cross rib
0819320Stevenstift 0819320 Pin on bow piece and stern piece Aerius I
0819320Stevenstift 0829320 Pin on bow piece and stern piece Aerius II
0899360Spanteneinhaengebeschlag rechts 0899360 on cross rib connects cross rib to right washboard
0899370Spanteneinhaengebeschlag links 0899370 on cross rib connects cross rib to left washboard
0899380Wantenbeschlag 0899380 Fitting on inner deck
0899391Stevendeckstabbeschlag blau 0899391 on deckbar connects deckbar to stern, blue
0899393Stevendeckstabbeschlag rot 0899393 on deckbar connects deckbar to bow, red
0899401Bordwandeinhaengebeschlag rot 0899401 on wooden bow and stern piece to receive gunwales, red
0899402Bordwandeinhaengebeschlag blau 0899402 on wooden bow and stern piece to receive gunwales, blue
0899410Kimmstabeinhaengebeschlag 0899410 on wooden bow and stern piece to receive hooks of rods
0899420Kimmstabhalter 0899420 on cross ribs, rubber rodholder
0899430Kimmstabhaken 0899430 hook for end of rods
0899440Drehverschluss innen 0899440 inner cap for backrest
0899450Dreverschluss außen 0899450 outer cap for backrest
0899460D Ring 0899460 D-Ring
0899470Steckhuelse kurz 0899470 short sleeve for rod. 2 in.
0899480Schiebehuelse lang 0899480 long sleeve for rod 4 in.
0899480Steckhuelse lang 0899490 long sleeve for rod. 4 in. with hole
0899500Schiebesteckhuelse 0899500 sliding sleeve 4 in.
0899511Kimmstabkappe blau 0899511 cap for rod, blue
0899513Kimmstabkappe rot 0899513 cap for rod, red
0899520Suellrandkopfdichtgummi 0899520 decking eye (tubular rivet) in we coaming
0599270Stemmbrettkralle links 0599270 rudder pedal clamp, left
0599280Stemmbrettkralle rechts 0599280 rudder pedal clamp, right
0599290Paddelscharnier innen 0599290 pedalhinge inside
0599300Pedalscharnier außen 0599300 pedalhinge outer
0599310Pedalhaekchen Metall 0599310 rudder pedal chain hook
0599311Pedalhäkchen Kunststoff 0599311 pedal hook, nylon



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