Quick repair - clamp fastener


Available, delivery time: 2-5 days

Product number: 0399300
Product information "Quick repair - clamp fastener"
The  quick repair suitable for folding boat skins and air sponsons.
The condition is that the hole is not larger than 90mm.
The advantage of this mechanical patch is that two sealing lips fix and seal the material.
How to get the hole tight again?
Quite simple:
1.examine the damaged area as far as possible and determine the shape and size of the crack. If the hole is smaller than 50mm, it must be widened to this size, otherwise one side of the clamp will not fit into the crack.
2. Unscrew the clamp (red screw) and insert the side opposite the screw into the hole.

3. pull the inner part on the cord tightly to the inside of the repair area. The longitudinal axis of the hole should coincide with the longitudinal axis of the clamp. 

4.The thread now peeking out of the damaged area has two detents that must match the visible recesses of the outer part. Pull the cord and slide the outer part onto the thread and screw it in place. When the gray thread becomes visible on the red screw, the assembly is correct. 

5. before you finally tighten the screw, you can correct the position of the clamp closure again. 

6.finished! The hole is now secured with a temporary patch that can be used without time limit until the final repair is made.