Paddling around the world

Through out the last 15 years, Lars Bindholt, Sea Biologist and shark specialist, and Søren Sattrup, Anthropologist and photographer, have pursued a string of expeditions, to some of the most remotes archipelagoes in the world. Here some of the last pristine coral reefs are still abundant with life, yet even through out this short period the worlds reef have seen radical decline. For around a month we explore islands pretty untouched, sleeping in Hammocks on beach under the canopies, eating what we fish, snorkling for sharks. Our home is the Expedition Klepper, taking us across straits, from island to island, close by shore. Whales, Sailfish, hundreds of sharks. Quiet meditative moments. Wild stormy seas. Often we are carried towards the destination by small propeller planes. Then hiring small boats that takes us out to islands far from shore, let us off with the kayak, and pick us up a month later. Our loved Klepper Expedition 585 has survived wreckage in major pacific waves, a storm tossed unto a coral reef. But we got out, she got healed. We have travelled onboard dusins of missionary flights and transported across the globe, she has rescued sharks, seen a world most people haven’t seen - you name it. She has been a perfect companion doing our explorations.