Scotland, paradise for kayakers.

Lonely, quiet lakes in mysterious landscapes - Scotland is a paradise for kayakers.

Unfortunately, the journey with your own car is a bit farther - so taking a folding boat on the plane is of course a good idea! The practical carrying bags make it really easy to take the kayak with you.

For our trip from Inverness to the Isle of Syke, we treated ourselves to a Defender with a roof tent - here, too, the folding boat was easy to stow. As soon as you leave the main roads, you quickly find numerous lonely lakes. We found a super nice spot at Lake Quoich, which is only accessible by a narrow road, which ends a few kilometers further in nowhere.

Unfortunately, the very windy, changeable weather often threw a spanner in the works - but there were always sunny and dry phases when we quickly assembled the boat. The high-quality wooden construction is easy to understand and quickly assembled, the lovingly crafted boat sails smoothly and nestles perfectly into the landscape. This allowed us to enjoy the absolute, almost eerie tranquility on the water and explore stretches of land that are only accessible from the water. Great perspectives that only the very few get to see!